31 weeks through our third pregnancy tomorrow! Excite.

With our first we’d have ticked 812 things off our ‘1,000 things we have to do before the baby gets here or we won’t be prepared enough and the whole thing will be a disaster and we’ll be awful parents and our child will grow up knowing we were completely unprepared for their arrival and develop all sorts of psychological issues stemming from that and what if we don’t get them all done and I CAN’T BREATHE I THINK I’M GOING TO PASS OUT AGAIN’ list by now.

This time… what list?

Anonymous: Aloha :) I absolutely adore your blog! I "like" just about every other one of your posts (I restrain from "liking" em all to not seem like such a creeper. LOL). Lots of mahalo for the laughs & giggles. For I too was a STAHM to 2 boys. I soo get ya :D

Thank yoooouuuu!

Don’t hold back on those likes for my sake - I don’t see them as creeping, I see them as a symbol of solidarity in this crazy parenting gig ;-)

Anonymous: How do you keep your cool when your boys are driving you bananas? :D

Oh, I have no problems there - my boys are the sweetest little guys and never drive me crazy!

*cough* red wine *cough*

"Can’t you do it in your spare time?"

What? What is this “spare time” thing that people keep talking about?

I vaguely remember something like that from ~1000 years ago. Though I could be confusing it with that one time I went to the toilet without having the door smashed down by a child needing their sock pulled up. I’m not sure if that technically counts as spare time. Actually, relatively speaking…I think it does.

Anyway - sure, yep, I’ll do it in my spare time. I’ve even added it to my calendar for Saturday, August 24th.