"Can’t you do it in your spare time?"

What? What is this “spare time” thing that people keep talking about?

I vaguely remember something like that from ~1000 years ago. Though I could be confusing it with that one time I went to the toilet without having the door smashed down by a child needing their sock pulled up. I’m not sure if that technically counts as spare time. Actually, relatively speaking…I think it does.

Anyway - sure, yep, I’ll do it in my spare time. I’ve even added it to my calendar for Saturday, August 24th. 


Went to make my coffee this morning and discovered we had none left!

Looked in our normal coffee stash spot and there was nothing there. Totally freaked out, but managed to fight through the tears and clouded vision to find a fresh pack hidden at the back of the cupboard.

More tears. Happy tears.

Heck of a morning so far, you guys.

Help a mother out

Hey you guys, I have a page over on Facebook and it’s basically just my mum liking my stuff at the moment. That’s all cool with me but I think she feels a bit lonely on her own. Which is not so cool.

I figure if the Tumblr army (you massive, awesome bunch of people, you) descends on the page to join the action then she’ll relax a bit - safety in numbers, and all that. Or she’ll panic with all the strangers flooding her son’s page and run away forever (in real life, because she doesn’t really get technology so the lines blur a bit for her), but I think that first one is more likely.

*touch wood*

Help a mother out, Tumblr? Just don’t break Facebook, ok?!